We manufacture as well as supply leno/ mesh bags that allow air circulation around the product that is packed in the bag. The holes allow the product to breathe and get sufficient sunlight; they also show your product without opening, thus ensuring vegetables and fruits placed inside remain fresh for longer period of time.

Application Areas for packaging :-


  •  Flexible in use and has high tensile and burst strength.
  •  Cost effective being low priced, cheaper than other conventional bags.
  •  Easy to use as they are light in weight – but have more strength.
  •  Excellent Air Permeability / ventilation: Due to this property product remains fresh for longer time and the energy cost in cold storage systems reduces.

  •  Leno bags are easily reusable.
  •  Anti fungal: No fungal growth can take place on or in the Leno bag.
  •  Zero toxicity and Chemical inertness: Non toxic and Non reactive. Does not transmit any odour to the packed product.

  •  Availability in a wide range of attractive colors.

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