Jumbo (FIBC Bags)

FIBC bags are made out of woven polypropylene used to store and transport dry products. FIBC dimensions can vary based on customer needs. The bags typically hold anywhere from 2000 - 4000 lbs of product and generally placed on pallets by forklifts using the attached corner lift loops.

Application Areas for packaging :-


  •  An FIBC can carry up to a thousand times its own weight
  •  Thanks to the different hoisting structures, secondary packaging is unnecessary
  •  You will save on warehousing. Empty FIBCs take up very little space.
  •  By printing on the bags, you can use them as mobile billboards and mention essential product information.
  •  Good recycling and reconditioning possibilities
  •  FIBCs can be delivered tailor made and can be customized to your manufacturing process and that of your clients.

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